UX Day Graz 2013

A community event for practitioners of user experience, interaction design, and usability!

Rolf Molich

Rolf Molich Photo

Five Users Will Find 85% of the Usability Problems -- and Other Myths About Usability Testing

Rolf Molich

DialogDesign, Denmark


Usability testing is by far the most widely used usability method. Nonetheless, it’s often conducted with poor or unsystematic methodology and thus doesn't always live up to its full potential. This talk will present a number of controversial beliefs about usability testing and discuss if they are myths.


Rolf Molich owns and manages DialogDesign, a small Danish usability consultancy. Rolf conceived and coordinated the comparative usability evaluation studies CUE-1 through CUE-9 where a total of more than 120 professional usability teams tested or reviewed the same applications. Rolf has worked with usability since 1984; he is the author of the best-selling Danish book User Friendly Computer Systems of which more than 25,000 copies have been sold. Rolf is the co-inventor of the heuristic inspection method (with Jakob Nielsen). Rolf is an experienced speaker, who regularly gets high ratings from participants for his useful and frank presentation style.